Type Alias GameVariant

    | "regular"
    | "chess960"
    | "no-king"
    | "white-king-only"
    | "black-king-only"
    | "antichess"
    | "horde"

Variant of the chess game rules.

  • 'regular' (regular chess rules),
  • 'chess960' (Chess960, also known as Fischer Random Chess).
  • 'no-king' (chess position without any king)
  • 'white-king-only' (chess position with no black king)
  • 'black-king-only' (chess position with no white king)
  • 'antichess' (Antichess, also known as losing chess, giveaway chess, suicide chess...)
  • 'horde' (Horde chess, following Lichess/Chess.com rules)

Variants 'no-king', 'white-king-only' and 'black-king-only' do not correspond to "real" games. They are mainly provided to create games explaining a particular piece scheme, concept, or sequence of moves... with a reduced number of pieces.